AIDT offers an array of classes and training opportunities.


Interview T.I.P.S.

Interview T.I.P.S. is a program which helps applicants prepare for job interviews. This class is beneficial to first time job seekers, those re-entering the work force, senior high students, recent graduates and anyone seeking to enhance their interview skills. The program includes:

  • Applications
  • Resumes
  • Tips for effective interviewing (preparation, communication, dress)
  • Interview Follow-Up

AIDT is willing to bring this program to your site. Schools, churches, and other community agencies are encouraged to contact AIDT’s Leadership Development team to schedule a program.

Online Classes

Coming Soon!

Maritime Welding Classes

At the Maritime Training Center, we provide training for individuals and registered companies in several industry-specific skills. Some classes that we provide to our students are NCCER certified. A training schedule for upcoming classes can be found on the Apply Now page.  These classes are at no cost to the student.

Day classes meet for 12 weeks from 6:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday. For more information, please visit the Maritime website.

Montgomery Regional Workforce Training Center

The Montgomery Regional Workforce Training Center is operated by AIDT in partnership with several entities including the Montgomery Public Schools, Alabama Community College System, ATN, AUM, the Department of Education, and the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce.

The MRWTC provides training in three categories: Information Technology, Manufacturing Fundamentals, and Workforce Skills training. These areas have been identified as the most critical and in-demand in the region.

For more information visit their website at

Leadership Development Classes

The Leadership Development classes are offered on a continuous basis at various Education Alliances around the state. Some of these classes charge a small fee, which covers lunch for training dates. Other classes are offered at no charge with lunch being on your own. Each class has a unique registration process, which is noted by each class. These classes are subject to change due to lack of enrollment, illness, inclement weather, etc.

Leadership Skills 1: No prerequisite needed for training enrollment.

Summary: Leadership Skills 1 or LS-1 is the recommended first course for first-line, team leads and/or new supervisors. There is a comprehensive test given after the class. If passed, the exam offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader 1”. The class is offered in 2-day format. This class is designed for currently employed Alabama citizens who are in leadership roles in their respective companies.

Leadership Skills 2: LS-1 is the prerequisite for this training class.

Summary: Leadership Skills 2 or LS-2 is a follow-up course to Leadership Skills 1, and includes more advanced topics of supervision. There is a comprehensive test given after the class, and if passed offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader 2”. The class is offered in a 2-day format.

Leadership Skills 3: LS-2 is the prerequisite for this training class.

Summary: Leadership Skills 3 or LS-3 is the newest class in the Leadership Skills series.  It is recommended for those who have previously attended LSI and LSII.  It is a one-day course that focuses on a variety of the latest leadership topics.  There is a comprehensive test and if passed offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader 3”.

If you don’t see an Education Alliance in your area, please contact Kendall Haywood, the Leadership Development Manager at to discuss the possibility of beginning an additional Education Alliance.