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The AIDT Military Transition program is designed to connect military members, veterans, and their spouses, who are transitioning to civilian careers, with training programs that offer in-demand skills and career opportunities. This training is in-person and issued at our AIDT training centers or through our company partner, Skillbridge. This training is provided at no cost to transitioning military/DOD personnel.

Completion of this training may lead to direct hiring with one of our partnering Alabama companies. Additionally, individuals who already possess skills desired by our partners may have the opportunity for direct hire prior to training.

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Training For Your Transition

Military Members, veterans, and their spouses and dependents can receive the training necessary to obtain one of our in-demand,  jobs within our state.

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AIDT has training facilities throughout the state with training programs that will provide you with the additional skills necessary for placement with an Alabama employer.  Some of the courses offered are as follows: 

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To begin this process, we will need a little bit of information from you.  This form will begin your journey to the training and/or career you desire. 

Page 1: Please provide us with your personal information. 

Page 2: Please provide us with information concerning your military, education, and skills background.

Also, on page 2, we ask you to select any courses that you are interested in taking and your desired location. Please use the info below to select your course and location. After you submit your form, you will be contacted by the Military Transition team for your next steps.

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Industrial Maintenance

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Manual Lathe
Construction Trades

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Structural Fitting
CAD/Marine Design
Ship Constructor

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For further information, or to request AIDT’s services, please contact:

Stinson Kennedy