Leadership Development Class Schedule

Leadership Development Class Schedule

The Leadership Development classes are offered on a continuous basis at various Education Alliances around the state. Some of these classes charge a small fee, which covers lunch for training dates. Other classes are offered at no charge with lunch being on your own. Each class has a unique registration process, which is noted by each class. These classes are subject to change due to lack of enrollment, illness, inclement weather, etc. Leadership Skills 1 is a 2-day class, Leadership Skills 2 is a 1.5-day class and Leadership Skills 3 is a 1-day class. Tests are administered in each class and certificates are awarded on successful completion.

If you are a qualified individual with a disability and need reasonable accommodation to participate in this training, please contact Scarlett Shiver at (334) 280-4419 or sshiver@aidt.edu, no less than two weeks prior to the start of training.

Leadership Skills Training Dates (July 2020 – December 2020):

Please note: All regional leadership classes are being conducted virtually at this time.

Region 1

To register contact: jromine@northalabamaworks.com
Leadership Skills 1 = October 13-14
Leadership Skills 2 = November 9-10
Leadership Skills 3 = December 8

Region 2

To register contact: ahowle@eastalabamaworks.com
Leadership Skills 1 = October 15-16
Leadership Skills 2 = November 12-13
Leadership Skills 3 = December 10

Region 3

To register contact: natasha@tuscaloosachamber.com
Leadership Skills 2 = October 13-14
Leadership Skills 3 = December 1

Region 4

To register contact: acleggett@centralsix.org
Leadership Skills 2 = October 20-21, October 22-23
Leadership Skills 3 = November 17

Region 5

To register contact: swood@centralalabamaworks.com
Leadership Skills 3 = November 18, December 8

Region 6

To register contact: kthomas@southeastalabamaworks.com

 Region 7

To register contact: bwilson@sawdc.org
Leadership Skills 2 = October 6-7
Leadership Skills 3 = November 3, November 10, November 19

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