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Workforce Development To Get The Job Done

Business Facilities Magazine in the May/June 2022 issue discusses the evolving approaches to attracting, retaining, and training employees. Here is an excerpt of their discussion of AIDT efforts:

The last few years aside, AIDT has a long-standing reputation at the forefront of workforce development through its innovative approaches to common issues and leveraging its ability to partner with education and industry leaders, as well as other state agencies. This includes the continuous evolution of training techniques such as e-learning through modules and webinars, traditional hands-on learning, and virtual reality training (VR).

Leading the way in VR implementation in workforce development, approximately 40% of companies that AIDT works with are using the future-forward technology as part of training and assessment processes. Powered by immersive learning startup TRANSFRVR, the training initiative was built in collaboration with several companies including Hyundai Power Transformers (HPT), manufacturer of power transformers used in electrical grids across the world. VR is helping to increase compliance with industry standards as HPT employees learn to operate and service cranes within OSHA standards.

The HPT training program was recognized as the 2021 Workforce Development Program of the Year by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals.

During the last two years AIDT has continued to operate and expand its training centers and centers of excellence throughout the state. From the Robotics Technology Park to the Maritime Training Center to the Alabama Workforce Training Center, AIDT continues to emphasize specialized training for in-demand industries. In addition, AIDT operates a fleet of Mobile Training Units (MTU), a mobile classroom that can be tailored to company needs. All AIDT training classes are offered at no cost to the company or the individual.

No matter the industry, AIDT identifies needs, develops solutions, and delivers a full range of technical pre-employment programs customized to each company. Innovating and exploring new pathways to deliver a highly skilled, highly trained workforce is key to AIDT’s continued leadership in workforce development.


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