Pre-employment Selection and Training

Pre-employment Selection and Training

AIDT understands the impact well-trained employees have on your bottom line, and the impact you have on the community you call home.

Our pre-employment programs allow us to evaluate and enhance employee skills through job-specific training. You have the opportunity to observe candidates in aTraining Graphic simulated work environment where attitudes and interpersonal skills are put to the test.

Candidates attend training at their own expense and on their own time, making a personal investment that ensures those completing training are highly motivated and performance focused. Even so, all final hiring decisions remain in the hands of the company at training completion.

We work with you to define curricula, required skills and abilities for each job. We plan the training schedule, evaluation process and determine the staff and equipment needs for the training.

AIDT provides comprehensive design and development of training manuals, corporate and process training videos, multimedia presentations as well as printing and distribution services. We design and build specialized training systems, as well as provide on-site setup and maintenance of all training hardware and materials. And AIDT’s financial infrastructure allows us the flexibility to make things happen—fast and efficiently.

Training GraphicWe assist in recruiting candidates who meet your unique requirements for employment. Our detailed screening process is designed to seek the most highly qualified candidates available.

AIDT provides several options for training delivery, including the nation’s premier fleet of mobile training units. These units can be delivered directly on-site for your training, even during the early stages of construction. We also provide classrooms and labs at one of our training centers located in north, central and south Alabama. Other facilities are arranged as needed.

Just as each company is unique in its products and processes, so is AIDT’s selection and training system. But one common thread links us: The desire and need for a skilled workforce that produces results.

A flowchart of the workforce development process explains more.


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