1.  How do I apply for a training position at a company that AIDT is working with?

To apply for a training position with a company AIDT is working with, simply go to the AIDT jobs link at https://www.aidt.edu/jobs/ then scroll down to the particular job you’re looking for, and click on the company name.  You should be directed to a page and find all of the information you’re looking for. 

2.  How do I go about applying for a job at AIDT?

AIDT jobs will be listed on the Job and Training page at https://www.aidt.edu/jobs/

3.  Can I apply for training online?

Yes.  All training applications for AIDT-taught pre-employment training can be found at https://www.aidt.edu/jobs.

4.  How do I check the status of my training application?

To review your application status, Click Here and follow the instructions on that page.

5.  Can I update my application after it has been submitted?  

An application with a status of Application Complete, Outdatedor Incorrect Information may be updated.  One with a status of  Under Review, Review Complete, or Project Closed may not be updated.  Applicants wishing to update an application with a status of On Hold, Withdrawn, or Invalid must contact applyhelp@aidt.edu for assistance.

6.  How important is filling out the application correctly?

The application is the first tool an employer uses to screen potential candidates. PLEASE take your time and complete the application correctly.  Incomplete applications will be discarded.

7.  What is the process once my application has been submitted?

Your application will go through a review process.  If your application is accepted, you will be notified by mail, phone or e-mail to schedule an interview. 

8.  Can I submit more than one application?

Yes. A new application is required for every opportunity.
For email submissions follow any instructions provided and list the titles of the interested positions.

9.  If I previously submitted an application for a specific company, do I need to reapply?

You should only re-apply if the company opts for a new round of recruiting and SPECIFICALLY states that previous applicants should re-apply

10.  What happens after I complete my interview?

If your interview is successful, you will be notified by mail, phone or e-mail about the AIDT training program and when the program begins. 

 Not all training begins immediately after an interview.  You may not be called for training for several months following your interview.

11.  Does completion of AIDT training guarantee a job with the company?


12.  I’m currently employed and work during the day.  Is there a way for me to go through AIDT training without missing work?

AIDT Training programs are typically conducted at night.  You are encouraged to keep your present job during the day.

13.  In the past, I completed a similar pre-employment training program with AIDT, except it was for a different company.  Do I need to go through this training again?

Yes, training programs for each company have different requirements and standards.  Because of this, training must be completed for each company.

14.  Do I get paid while I go through AIDT training?

No.  AIDT does not pay trainees while they go through training.

15.  Is there a fee for going through AIDT pre-employment training?

No.  AIDT does not charge trainees or companies a fee for any of the AIDT pre-employment training programs, assessments, or services.

16.  Should I quit my job so I can go through AIDT pre-employment training?

No.  AIDT training is not a guarantee of a new job.  You are encouraged to keep your present job.

17.  I may have to miss a couple of AIDT pre-employment training classes because of a prior commitment.  Is that okay?

For a trainee to be considered for employment, most training programs require a 100% class attendance policy.