Milestone: AIDT Celebrates 50 Years of Workforce Impact

AIDT 50th Anniversary celebration at RiverWalk Stadium in Montgomery photo

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, AIDT celebrated an incredible milestone. Fifty years of creating workforce in Alabama! Over those 50 years, AIDT has assisted 5,200 companies and nearly 1,000,000 job-seekers by connecting them through recruitment, training and assessment.

AIDT staff, state leaders, stakeholders, company representatives and various other guests joined the organization for its official celebration at the Riverwalk Stadium. It was a great time to welcome our staff back to the first mass AIDT in-person meeting since COVID began in March 2020.

The ceremony took place along the first base line on the field. Representatives from one of AIDT’s first client companies, Neptune Technology Group, as well as one the latest projects, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, gave remarks about the incredible quality of work that AIDT has provided over the years. Governor Kay Ivey and Secretary of Commerce Greg Canfield also applauded AIDT’s impact on economic development in Alabama.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing showcased the brand new Toyota Corolla Cross that is set to begin production at its Huntsville plant later this year. Guests were also treated to a surprise fly-over of a Mobile-built Airbus A321 from Airbus US.

AIDT logo graphicAs part of the celebrations, AIDT also unveiled an all new branding campaign and logo as the organization enters the next 50 years of workforce development.

The new branding features a vibrant color palette of blues and greens that represent the mission of AIDT connecting companies and citizens with one another. The logo features three individuals coming together to a central location, represented by the original AIDT navy blue. The green character represents the citizen, the light blue represents the company and the third color, which is a mix of the green and blue creates the third entity which is AIDT. These pieces come together to create the workforce.

Watch the AIDT 50th anniversary video & the new branding reveal!

The resurgence of business and industry in 2021 was a testament to the resilience of the economy in Alabama. The automotive industry continued to add thousands of jobs, and increased the number of production lines in the state from 11 to 15 different vehicle models.

Photo of student using VR headsetAIDT continued to assist companies with recruiting, hiring and training employees across a wide variety of careers. AIDT collaborated with TRANSFRVR to grow its virtual reality training offerings, growing and expanding the innovative program to further the mission of connecting employers with quality candidates and job-seekers with training to put them into a fulfilling career. One training initiative in particular, developed in partnership with Hyundai Power Transformers as a way to introduce trainees to important safety protocols required to operate and service cranes within OSHA standards, gained nationwide recognition. The virtual reality training programs also won the 2021 Workforce Program of the Year from the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals.

Despite the pandemic, it was clear that AIDT and Alabama continued to shine as leaders in workforce development. Rankings showed that the state continued to perform well, better than most of the Southeast in regards to unemployment and recovery following the worst of the pandemic. State Policy Reports, a Washington, D.C. based publication ranked Alabama in the top ten in its State Economic Momentum for the first quarter of 2021. The index ranked states based on their performance of economic vitality. Alabama also took home one of Area Development’s coveted Gold Shovel awards in manufacturing, which recognized the state’s achievements in attracting high-value-added investment projects that create a significant number of new jobs.

In April, Hyundai debuted its all-new Santa Cruz, advertised as a sport adventure vehicle, to be produced in Montgomery in the summer of 2021. Just a few months later, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing debuted the all-new Corolla Cross to be produced in Huntsville.

AIDT - 50th Anniversary logo graphicAnd that brings us to today, celebrating the 50th anniversary of AIDT. The past 50 years have been colorful, full of achievements and accomplishments that set AIDT apart as a workforce development agency. The track record of the organization is a strong one that demonstrates commitment to AIDT’s mission of providing quality workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses, and to expand the opportunities of its citizens through the jobs these businesses create.

Since 1971, AIDT has assisted nearly 5,300 companies in finding quality candidates and connecting almost 1 million job-seekers with careers. AIDT has stayed at the forefront of workforce development through its innovative approaches to common issues, and its ability to partner with education and industry leaders, as well as other state agencies. This includes the continuous evolution of training techniques such as e-learning, virtual reality training, and more traditional hands-on learning.

AIDT has been innovating and exploring new pathways to deliver a highly-skilled, highly-trained workforce and will continue to be a leader in revolutionizing workforce development for the next 50 years.

AIDT Celebrates 50 Years of Workforce Development

AIDT 50th Anniversary at Riverwalk Stadium photo

AIDT, Alabama’s workforce development agency celebrated 50 years of connecting and training Alabama citizens with companies looking for a workforce at Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery.  The celebration featured Governor Kay Ivey as well as representatives from clients across Alabama.

“In 1971 a group of educators and state leaders had a plan for improving workforce development in Alabama,” said Ed Castile, director of AIDT and Deputy Director of Commerce.  “Now 50 years later, that vision has exceeded even their wildest ideas. Today truly is a milestone for Alabama and its citizens both private and corporate.”

Since 1971, AIDT has trained approximately 1 million job-seekers for 5,200 companies across the state. In addition to the main office in Montgomery, AIDT operates seven training centers plus several additional satellite locations throughout Alabama. The centers provide training for a wide variety of topics from aviation to robotics. The organization maintains a fleet of mobile training units (MTUs) which bring training classes to even the most remote locations in the state.

AIDT was the first state workforce training organization in the United States to earn international certification for its quality management system in 2005 and has maintained that certification ever since. AIDT’s economic impact in Alabama topped over $7B in the last year alone. Consistently ranked as one of the top workforce development programs in the nation by industry and workforce publications, AIDT continues to stay at the forefront of workforce development through its innovation and willingness to evolve. “Part of the key to our success is that we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our processes,” said Castile. “AIDT not only delivers what companies need to meet their demands today but continues to innovate and develop ways to deliver what companies will need in the future.”

Created in June of 1971 by an act of the Alabama’s Legislature, AIDT’s primary mission is to provide quality workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses, and to expand the opportunities of its citizens through the jobs these businesses create. Since merging with the Alabama Department of Commerce in 2012, the organization has increased efficiency in the state’s job creation efforts and further united collaborative efforts with the state’s economic developers and recruiters.

In addition to celebrating 50 years of workforce development, AIDT launched a new branding campaign and logo that more fully connects the key components of the AIDT process. The modernized branding features a vibrant color palette as well as a new logo that nods to AIDT’s history of connecting citizens and companies to create workforce. The new branding depicts how AIDT has evolved over the past 50 years, just as workforce needs and solutions have evolved.

Alabama State Workforce Agency Receives Top Honor for National Workforce Program of the Year

TransFr photo

AIDT recognized for its virtual reality job-training program that is preparing workers for advanced manufacturing roles in collaboration with Hyundai Power Transformers.

AIDT, Alabama’s state workforce development agency, has announced the selection of its virtual reality training program as the 2021 Workforce Program of the Year award by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, the national association that represents more than 3,000 state and local workforce leaders in all 50 states.

“During this period of change and uncertainty in the labor market and broader economy, it’s essential that we use every tool at our disposal to rethink workforce development and training, and our investments in immersive learning technology are reflective of that belief,” said Ed Castile, deputy secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce and executive director of AIDT. “We’re humbled to receive this national recognition. It’s reflective of the AIDT team’s focus and commitment to developing high-impact training pathways that are expanding access to good-paying jobs and meaningful careers in fast-growing industries for every Alabamian.” 

The distinction from NAWDP recognizes innovative workforce programs that are creating new ways of delivering high-quality workforce training services. The selection specifically recognized AIDT for its virtual reality training program which is working to make job training in one of Alabama’s fastest-growing industries accessible to thousands of unemployed workers and aspiring manufacturing professionals across the state.

Powered by immersive learning startup TRANSFR, the new training initiative was built in collaboration with several companies which includes Hyundai Power Transformers, the Montgomery-based division of Hyundai Electric Systems that specializes in the manufacture of power transformers used in electrical grids across the U.S.

Building on more than a decade of deep, technical training partnership between the two organizations, AIDT teamed with Hyundai Power Transformers (HPT) to create a virtual reality simulation that vividly recreates HPT’s seven-story manufacturing facility. Incumbent workers and trainees gain invaluable first-hand experience with the safety protocols required to operate heavy machinery and equipment of up to 400 tons, as well as lifting power transformers as heavy as 800,000 pounds. 

VR is helping to increase compliance with industry standards as HPT employees learn how to operate and service cranes within OSHA standards.

“To meet the needs of Alabama’s state manufacturing base, we need to continue to find new ways to deliver precision training experiences that can help aspiring professionals and trainees develop the on-the-job experience required to excel in our industry,” said Tony E. Wojciechowski, chief human resources officer for HPT. “As an employer partner that depends on the output of our public workforce infrastructure, our organization has long enjoyed a productive and collaborative working relationship with AIDT. This recognition reaffirms the forward-thinking approach to innovation in workforce development.”

“The impact of this innovative new partnership reaches far beyond just the needs of one employer or community in the state,” said Bharani Rajakumar, founder and CEO of TRANSFR. 

“The workforce and company leaders involved in this work are working at the bleeding edge of learning and technology to help expand access to good-paying careers in industries like manufacturing open to more Alabamians—regardless of their educational background.”


About AIDT: AIDT is a state agency established to build a healthy state economy by recruiting and training a skilled workforce to attract new industries to the state and to expand existing industries. As a division of the Alabama Department of Commerce, AIDT provides a full range of customized technical training programs that are offered at no cost to employers and to the trainees.  Leadership training programs are also available.  In addition to training,  AIDT offers services including trainee recruitment and screening, safety assistance, and industrial maintenance assessments.


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Lee Meadows Named Interim Executive Director of Newly Established Alabama STEM Council

Dr. Meadows photo

Ed Castile, Deputy Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce and Director of AIDT announced that Lee Meadows, PhD has been named interim executive director of the newly established Alabama Stem Council as the state moves to advance STEM education and continue the work of Alabama’s Roadmap to STEM Success.

In this new role, Dr. Meadows will work with the distinguished leadership of the Alabama STEM Council to help identify and solve barriers to STEM education and discover creative solutions to meet the future demand of STEM related occupations in Alabama.

With over thirty years of experience in science and education, Meadows’ career path has taken him from teaching chemistry and physics in high school to training and developing future STEM teachers. Helping educators integrate science and technology into their teaching quickly became a passion for Dr. Meadows and developing future STEM teachers turned into his personal mission.

Most recently, Meadows served as a professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Education and prior to that was the Co-Director of UABTeach where he helped nurture and train a new teaching force of highly qualified instructors in STEM subjects – science, engineering, technology and math.

Alabama is projected to need more than 850,000 STEM-related occupations by 2026, according to Alabama’s Roadmap to STEM Success.  Educator shortages and a disparity of STEM education available to all students regardless of location, economic status, gender, or race provide obstacles to meeting the future demand for STEM-related careers.  Dr. Lee Meadows points out that “if we don’t grow our own STEM workforce we won’t have one,” and notes that not only is it his vision, but also a passion to ensure ALL Alabama students see the value of STEM and have access to and availability of these educational resources.

“We are at a critical stage with STEM education in our state, and the Alabama STEM Council will be the leading authority to ensure we are poised for growth and success for many years to come,” said Ed Castile.  “Having someone like Dr. Meadows who is passionate and dedicated to the growth and preparedness of future STEM leaders will set Alabama up for a successful future.”

The Alabama STEM Council was formed in September 2020 by Governor Kay Ivey’s Executive Order No. 721.  The Council members represent leaders from Alabama businesses, education, and state government.  The council’s work will build on and extend Alabama’s Roadmap to STEM Success (available here).

Dr. Meadows and the leadership of the Alabama Stem Council will begin with a priority of communicating to students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders the value of a stem education and the doors it can open in the workforce.  Recognizing that there isn’t sufficient data in Alabama on what works and where the gaps in STEM education are, the Alabama Stem Council will also undertake a data tracking initiative to provide quantitative analysis to guide decisions and priorities.  Identifying programs in Alabama that are already doing a great job with STEM education that can be modeled and scaled up for the entire state will also be a top priority for the organization.

The first meeting of the Alabama STEM Council will be held on December 2, 2020 and is open to the public via ZOOM.  More information, and the link for the meeting can be found at .


Students photo

Montgomery, Ala. – The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) has released the annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Impact Report. The report details CTE statistics, curriculum and credentials, workforce initiatives, and more for each of the 16 career clusters.

Statewide, 173,165 students in grades 9-12 are enrolled in CTE.

“Our CTE program in Alabama is strong and continues to evolve through public-private partnerships,” said State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey. “Over the past five years, we have seen an 120 percent growth in credentials earned with 81.9 percent of students in Alabama currently enrolled in at least one CTE class. We are focused on high-wage, high demand industries in each of our career clusters – and, we will continue to expand this initiative by introducing these programs in middle school to help spark interest and better prepare students.”

CTE classes are offered in many Alabama high schools. There are also approximately 68 CTE Centers strategically positioned throughout the state in seven regional workforce councils.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, the members of the State Legislature, and Alabama’s entire business community came together to create this innovative regional workforce development concept. Throughout the United States, Alabama’s CTE efforts are highly respected.

To view or download the full ALSDE CTE Impact Report, please use the following link:

The programs in each of Alabama’s regional workforce councils are driven by local workforce demands. Through these programs, students learn technical, personal, and workplace skills.

“We are focused on developing the real-world and long term professional skills of all K-12 students – every student prepared for a lifetime of career success,” said Assistant Superintendent for Alabama CTE and Workforce Development, Dr. Jimmy Hull. “The ALSDE CTE Impact Report provides top statistical information and highlights our efforts to equip all Alabama students with the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to have true success in America’s highly competitive workforce and professional environments.”

To learn more about the ALSDE CTE Impact Report, contact Assistant Superintendent for Alabama Career and Technical Education and Workforce Development, Dr. Jimmy Hull at

Changing Lanes on the Alabama Workforce Superhighway

Super Highway photo
Hello Friends and welcome back to the Alabama Workforce Superhighway!
Our last stop was the AlabamaWorks Virtual Workforce in September. The conference gave us a lot to think about on the drive ahead. It was great to be among workforce professionals again to share and discuss where we are as a state and, just from a mental perspective, I needed it! We have so many opportunities staring us in the face that we did not have pre-COVID. The work we have all been doing is more important now than ever before. Did our previous challenges go away due to COVID? Absolutely not!
Our workforce issues may have been “timed out” or perhaps they were on a break, but those issues continue to be our challenges. So, not only should we remain focused on our Success Plus goals of 500,000 workers in our workforce with credentials of value by 2025, we must also help our companies get back to work and work with their current and future employees. We need to make sure they are technically ready for the impending automated world and assist them with all the tech savvy tools that are being developed as part of Industry 4.0 and the ever developing “Smart Factory” concepts. Alabama is rapidly moving in this direction and we MUST have the workforce to meet the demands. This is one of the foundations for Governor Ivey’s Success Plus plan. In almost every speech and presentation Governor Ivey delivers, she mentions how absolutely critical our workforce is and that they must be ready for the work we are recruiting into Alabama.
To say 2020 has been strange, would be a colossal understatement and it keeps on giving! 2020 started as a typical year where many were planning and working with high hopes for a productive legislative session, school year or university semester, or simply hoping for a beautiful spring. Little did we know COVID-19 would turn us all inside out and literally stop the world in its tracks.
But, not in Alabama. Yes, it was a kick in the gut and, yes, many have suffered and unfortunately some have died as a result of it, but as Alabama usually does, we are fighting back.  With good solid leadership by Governor Ivey, an extraordinary Governor’s Office staff, a host of very smart cabinet officers and their respective department staffs, and most importantly, some very focused business leaders making good and sound business decisions, we are leading the nation in many aspects of our recovery.
In addition, as we come out of the pandemic we have a new view of the world and with our innovative hats on, we now look at workforce issues through a new and different lens. Yes, the drivers on the Alabama Workforce Superhighway are focused and determined with many great examples of courageous initiatives to assist our customers, overcome the issues and not only get back to pre-COVID productivity, but be even stronger.
So, what new opportunities has 2020 brought us when it comes to our workforce? Although the pandemic has brought many challenges it has also given us access to many people we did not have access to before. Who are these people? There are thousands who lost jobs that were vulnerable to the pandemic. Retail employees, hospitality and restaurant workers who in some cases were working two and three jobs to make ends meet, now have an opportunity to be trained for a less vulnerable job. Alabama has many jobs available as the world wakes back up. We NEED these people and our Alabama Workforce Stabilization Program is laser focused on these folks.
In the recent AlabamaWorks Virtual Workforce Conference we discussed the need for flexibility in order to adapt to change. To be successful in this “new normal” we must prepare our workforce by:
·     Creating new digital models for education and training
·     Upskilling (expand capabilities)
·     Re-skilling (acquire a new or improved skill)
·     Strengthening and enforcing safety measures
·     Reinforcing partnerships and pooling resources
·     Focusing on higher wage jobs
Yes, the world has changed, but we in Alabama were already moving in the right direction.
There are many people to thank for our progress and to name just a few: Governor Ivey and her staff set us on a course to meet those needs with Strong Start Strong Finish and gave us a strategy for success through Success Plus. Lt. Governor Ainsworth, his staff and the Senate Leadership are very engaged as is the House Leadership with Speaker McCutcheon, budget chairs and other many strong Representatives and Senators across the state. They get it!!
Yes, we got this! But, we are nowhere near done and as you already know this work can never stop. To borrow some words from a great song, “we can check out anytime, but we can never leave.” We can want to exit the highway, but we can never stop our drive on the Alabama Workforce Superhighway!
Editorial by Ed Castile,
Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Director of AIDT

Inaugural AlabamaWorks! Innovator Awards Presented

Innovator Awards photo

The inaugural AlabamaWorks! Innovator Awards were presented by Governor Ivey and Deputy Secretary of Commerce Ed Castile at the AlabamaWorks! Virtual Conference. The awards were developed to highlight people and programs across the state that take an innovative approach to solving workforce challenges and help advance Governor Ivey’s Success Plus attainment goal of adding 500,000 highly skilled workers by 2025. At the time of their inception, Alabama was unaware of the impact COVID-19 would have on the workforce and although the attainment goal has not changed, our economic and workforce recovery post COVID-19 will hinge on innovators like those recognized.

“The workforce challenges that we face today are not the same ones that we faced six months ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has completely reshaped the workforce landscape,” said Governor Kay Ivey. “The State of Alabama is relying on those who are leading the charge by implementing innovative solutions in their cities, counties and regions to further economic and workforce development.”

The recipients are visionaries, outside-of-the-box thinkers, and problem solvers. The programs test boundaries, explore new opportunities and reach deeper to bring about change. “It is important to recognize these leaders of innovation and to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the citizens, communities and industries of Alabama,” said Ed Castile, Deputy Secretary of Commerce and AIDT Director. “Their innovative approach to workforce development will be key to opening doors, breaking barriers and propelling Alabamians forward.”

The recipients of the first-ever AlabamaWorks Innovator Awards are as follows:

Region 1 North AlabamaWorks – Beth Brumley, Colbert County Schools
Beth Brumley built the Health Science Program for Colbert County Schools from the ground up by using her experience in the healthcare field to provide critical, real-world skills to her students. She developed key relationships within the healthcare community to provide her students enhanced learning opportunities and exposure, which resulted in increased demand for program graduates. Beth was also named the 2020 National New Teacher of the Year through the Association for Career and Technical Education. By bridging the gap between education and employer, Beth has created a formula for success that positively impacts the workforce.

Region 2 East AlabamaWorks – The Sylacauga Alliance for Family Enhancement (SAFE).
SAFE has been a model for supportive services to empower individuals and families while fostering positive and healthy development of the community for nearly 25 years. In their program, SAFE combines occupational and employability skills to help job seekers be ready to enter the workforce regardless of barriers they may have faced in the past. Their dedication to providing practical solutions to modern problems is a testament to their heart for service and passion for helping their community and region.

Region 3 – West AlabamaWorks – Dr. Mike Daria, Superintendent Tuscaloosa City Schools

Dr. Daria has played a crucial role in the success of West Alabama’s workforce development by fostering important relationships between industry and education. His leadership has focused on increased Career Technical Education (CTE) enrollment, supporting local Worlds of Work events and the Educator Workforce Academy. Dr. Daria’s emphasis on the importance of identifying career pathways for the students in his district and then providing viable opportunities for students to take those paths, make him invaluable to West Alabama.

Region 4 – Central Six AlabamaWorks Ed Farm
Ed Farm is the signature program of TechAlabama that focuses on encouraging children and adults to discover and pursue STEM careers. Ed Farm has a vision for a world full of invention, led by citizens who have been equipped with the necessary tools to fill or create the careers of the future. Through equipping educators and communities with innovative tools, strategies and programs they are able to support active learning for all students. With three signature tracks, Ed Farm is poised to help increase educational equity and improve learning outcomes through technology all while preparing the future tech workforce.

Region 5 – Central AlabamaWorks – Tiger Mochas, Auburn City Schools
Tiger Mochas is a collaborative effort between special education students, FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) members and peer volunteers at Auburn High School. This student-led organization is serving up a lot more than hot cups of coffee to their peers because through their work, students are provided meaningful, hands-on work experience that teaches important functional, social and daily living skills. Graduates of the program leave with not only work and employability skills, but in-demand soft skills that will help them succeed in life and work.

Region 6 – Southeast AlabamaWorks WeeCat Industries
WeeCat Industries uses a simulated workplace model to meet the growing demand for a skilled workforce. WeeCats saw an opportunity to begin teaching work ethics and employability skills as early as preschool, and rose to the challenge. Their students clock into work, run an assembly line, fill orders, check invoices, meet production quota, interview for new positions, and implement quality control all while earning a “paycheck” to be spent at the WeeCat Store before they can even spell the word “school”. WeeCat Industries places invaluable skills at a crucial age in development which will shape the future of the workforce.

Region 7 – SAWDC AlabamaWorks Ed Bushaw
Ed Bushaw with the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce researched and developed initiatives to address the region’s workforce supply to meet the needs of the growing hospitality and tourism industry in his region. His collaborative efforts with business and industry officials resulted in the development of the first Hospitality and Tourism registered apprenticeship program in Alabama. Apprentices receive classroom instruction as well as valuable real-world experience within the hospitality and tourism industry and finish the program with a credential that can be used to advance their career. Ed’s ability to adapt to the needs of industry and implement programs that address those needs are vital to the continued success of southwest Alabama.

AlabamaWorks Conference Goes Virtual

AlabamaWorks Virtual Conference graphic

COVID-19 altered many plans in 2020, one of those being the state’s premier workforce event – the AlabamaWorks Conference! Recognizing that challenges facing the state’s workforce still need to be addressed and innovative ideas still need to be shared, AlabamaWorks pivoted to develop a completely virtual workforce conference.

On September 17, 2020 from 8 am to 4:30 pm attendees will navigate a virtual platform to hear keynote speakers, attend panel discussions and participate in breakout sessions covering current workforce policy initiatives, innovative solutions and best practices.

Best-selling author and motivational speaker Dr. Kevin Elko will present a keynote address at the virtual event and Governor Kay Ivey will also present the first ever AlabamaWorks Innovator Awards!

There is no cost to attend the event and registration is now open at Register early and receive an AlabamaWorks Swag Box! For additional details and to view the entire conference agenda, visit today!

About AlabamaWorks!

AlabamaWorks stands for opportunity, innovation, accountability and inclusion with the vision of a better future for Alabama in which communities, business, and industry are supported in a collaborative process to build prosperity through the opportunity of meaningful work and a growing economy. Our mission is to recruit, train, and empower a highly skilled workforce driven by business and industry needs and to be the competitive advantage for Alabama’s economic growth. Whether you’re an employer, a job seeker or a student, AlabamaWorks is the springboard for your success and promises to provide profitability and economic growth by creating opportunities for success and an improved quality of life for Alabamians.

Business Facilities ranked AIDT number two in the country.

Business Facilities Magazine logo

Business Facilities, an economic development-focused publication, ranked AIDT number two in the country within the rebranded Workforce Development / Talent Acquisition category. This ranking marks eight consecutive years AIDT has placed in the top five of the rankings with seven of those years in the top two. AIDT is the primary workforce training agency in the state and one of Alabama’s top incentives in the recruitment of business and industry.

For nearly 50 years, AIDT’s commitment to economic and industrial growth within the state has resulted in approximately 5,200 companies assisted and nearly 1 million citizens equipped with valuable skills and abilities. AIDT’s economic impact reached $7 billion in 2019.

AIDT has stayed at the forefront of workforce development through its innovative approaches to common issues, and its ability to partner with education and industry leaders, as well as other state agencies. This includes the continuous evolution of training techniques such as e-learning, virtual reality training, and more traditional hands-on learning.

“Part of the key to our success is that we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our processes,” said Ed Castile, director of AIDT and head of Commerce’s Workforce Development Division. “AIDT not only delivers what companies need to meet their demands today but continues to innovate and develop ways to deliver what companies will need in the future.”

The mission of AIDT is to provide quality workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses, and to expand the opportunities of its citizens through the jobs these businesses create. AIDT designs and creates a fully customized training experience and delivers quality candidates to meet the hiring needs of any industry.

Business Facilities also ranked Alabama’s business climate in the top four among the states in an analysis that examined performance in several key economic categories. The publication cited the state’s central Gulf Coast location, thriving automotive and aerospace sectors, as well as its strong workforce development program as primary incentives for businesses looking to locate in the south.

About AIDT
Founded in 1971, AIDT is Alabama’s Workforce Training agency and encourages economic development through job-specific training. Training services are offered in many areas, at no cost, to new and expanding businesses throughout Alabama.

Alabama COVID-19 Resources

Alabama Covid-19 Resources graphic

Here is a list of resources for those dealing with the fall-out associated with COVID-19:



ALtogether is a one-stop-shop where Alabamians can ask for help or lend a hand during the COVID-19 crisis. This response effort is designed to connect businesses, nonprofits, and people that need help with the right program partners–and to connect program partners with people and resources to help those most in need.

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan

The EIDL program was created to assist businesses, renters, and homeowners located in regions affected by declared disasters. Click the link below to apply today.

Unemployment Compensation

To file for unemployment compensation visit the following site:

Atlas Alabama

Many resources are now available to assist small business owners during the coronavirus pandemic. From tax relief to SBA loans to unemployment benefits, there are various avenues of assistance available at the federal, state, and local levels.

Paycheck Protection Program Application

Guidance for small businesses in Alabama.

Paycheck Protection Program Fact Sheet

Information sheet regarding the Paycheck Protection Program that provides forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during COVID-19.