Skills Course Listings  These are a few of the skills courses we have available to our clients.  AIDT regularly develops customized curricula to meet a company’s needs. Making this curriculum available to the citizens of Alabama along with its educators will help prepare citizens for jobs in industry.  Click here for downloads.

Vendor Forms


Complete all fields of the bid form, by following the instructions stated in the bid request. Sign the bid, have it notarized, and return it to the indicated address listed prior to the date specified in the inquiry. The following inquiries are open.

Inquiry Number Bid Opening Date
Bid #917 Drug Screening – AIDT – Wide
January 16, 2015

Document Help

These forms are in PDF format. Just click the link to the appropriate form, click in a field of the form and type in the information requested. Use the <tab> key or your mouse to move from field to field. You will need to print the form before closing it, since Adobe Reader will not save the data you have entered when you close the form. If you are not able to view the forms, please download Adobe Reader (free) and follow the instructions provided on Adobe’s site to install the software.

Invoice Forms