Interview T.I.P.S.

Interview T.I.P.S. is a program which helps applicants prepare for job interviews. This class is beneficial to first time job seekers, those re-entering the work force, senior high students, recent graduates and anyone seeking to enhance their interview skills. The program includes:

  • Applications
  • Resumes
  • Tips for effective interviewing (preparation, communication, dress)
  • Interview Follow-Up

AIDT is willing to bring this program to your site. Schools, churches, and other community agencies are encouraged to contact AIDT’s Leadership Development team to schedule a program.

Online Classes

Online classes are available at

Maritime Welding Classes

At the Maritime Training Center, we provide training for individuals and registered companies in several industry-specific skills. Some classes that we provide to our students are NCCER certified. A training schedule for upcoming classes can be found on the Apply Now page.  These classes are at no cost to the student.

Day classes meet for 12 weeks from 6:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday. For more information, please visit the Maritime website.

Leadership Skills I

The recommended first course for first-line, team leads and/or new supervisors. There is a comprehensive test given after the class. If passed, the exam offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader I”. The class is offered in 2-day format.  It is designed for employed Alabama citizens currently in leadership positions.

Leadership Skills I Overview

Leadership Skills II

A follow-up course to Leadership Skills I, and includes more advanced topics of supervision. There is a comprehensive test given after the class, and if passed offers the credential of “AIDT Certified Leader II”. The class is offered in a 2-day format. LEADERSHIP SKILLS I MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO TAKING LEADERSHIP SKILLS II.

Leadership Skills II Overview