Mercedes Finds A Home On The Screen and Behind It

Mercedes-Benz M-Class from Jurassic Park Movie Photo

It’s been nearly 17 years since the first Mercedes M-Class SUV made its debut in the movie “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” The successful 1998 sequel featured the first  Alabama-made SUV as an off-road, war-type vehicle designed and modified to protect its passengers from rampaging genetically engineered dinosaurs.  Thankfully, this is not something most drivers of the luxury car have to contend with on I-65.

But since it’s debut on-screen in 1998 and with the recent announcement that the newly redesigned and named GLE Class SUV will once again maneuver through a dinosaur-infested jungle in “Jurassic World,” the SUV, has found a surprisingly robust role behind the screen.  That of a camera crane chase car.

mercedes-12Chances are, if you’ve seen an action movie, car commercial or even a high-intensity TV show, the Alabama-made SUV has been a part of it.mercedes-10

Basically, filmmakers will take the SUV, mount a moveable, stabilized camera to the car, and then drive like crazy getting amazing shots of intense driving action.  The result is amazing camera angles that are only possible by using a system like this.

One such company that has adopted the Alabama-made SUV is Pursuit Systems, Inc. in California.  Below is a video featuring the Mercedes M-Class SUV.

So the next time you see a car chase or a car commercial, or are chased by dinosaurs on your daily commute, chances are there is a “Made in Alabama” Mercedes SUV close behind.