Governor Bentley Signs Executive Order Merging AIDT with Alabama Department of Commerce

As part of his strategic realignment to increase jobs and investment in the state, Governor Robert Bentley today signed an executive order merging the Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) program with the Alabama Department of Commerce.

The benefit of the merger is increased efficiency in the state’s job creation efforts. The merger will also serve to further unite AIDT efforts with the state’s economic developers and recruiters within the Department of Commerce.

AIDT is Alabama’s job training incentive program and has been assisting economic developers in their efforts to recruit businesses to Alabama since 1971. AIDT has worked with the Department of Commerce (formerly Alabama Development Office) throughout that time and has been especially successful in not only recruiting businesses, but also in helping companies recruit and train staff for their respective facilities.

AIDT currently manages on-site training facilities at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama, and ThyssenKrupp. In addition, AIDT manages the newly-developed Robot Technology Park in North Alabama and the Maritime Training Center in South Alabama. With several offices and training centers statewide, and a mobile training fleet with some 36 units, AIDT covers the state.

“I believe Alabama has the best workforce in the country, and part of the reason for that is the dedicated training of AIDT,” Governor Bentley said. “Throughout the state, we have many success stories of how AIDT has trained and equipped people for success. The work of the AIDT has had a lasting, positive impact on the success of employers around Alabama, and it will continue to help train workers and benefit companies in the years to come.”

Department of Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield said the Governor’s actions will help the state save on costs associated with fleet maintenance, printing, and web design and maintenance. Uniting AIDT and the Alabama Department of Commerce simply makes sense from an efficiency standpoint, he said.

“AIDT is one of the most effective economic development incentives we have in Alabama,” Secretary Canfield said. “It has an international reputation for providing some of the best workforce recruitment and training programs in the world. This team approach can only be a positive step in helping us compete in an international arena for high-quality jobs with skills sets that change rapidly.”

Governor Bentley’s actions also help move forward the implementation of Accelerate Alabama, the state’s strategic plan providing direction for Alabama’s economic development efforts over the next three years.

“We at AIDT are very pleased, proud, and excited to be part of the Department of Commerce and to have the opportunity to work with Secretary Canfield and his award-winning staff,” AIDT Director Ed Castile added. “The formal alignment of AIDT with the Department of Commerce gives the citizens of Alabama a very powerful business development tool that will enhance the successful implementation of the Governor’s Accelerate Alabama strategy.”