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Administrative Facilities


One Technology Court

Montgomery, Alabama 36116-3200

(334) 280-4400

(334) 613-3287

Training Centers

Alabama Workforce Training Center

3500 6th Ave S

Birmingham, AL 35222, USA

(205) 719-3220

(205) 327-7371

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Maritime Training Center

360 Addsco Road

Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 405-8698

(251) 405-8699

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Robotics Technology Park

6505 U.S. Hwy 31

Tanner, AL 35671

(256) 642-2600

(256) 340-5833

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George Howard Training Center

15 Technology Court

Montgomery, AL 36116

(334) 280-4462

(334) 613-3287

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Project-Based Facilities

Alabama Aviation Training Center - Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley
The Bill Taylor Institute, Mercedes-Benz U.S. - Vance, AL
Erich Heine Learning Center - Calvert, AL
Honda - Lincoln, AL
Hyundai - Hope Hull, AL



Thank you for visiting the AIDT website. If you represent a media outlet with regional, national, or international reach, we want to tell you about AIDT, our mission, our vision, and our future here in Alabama. If your story calls for a certain area of expertise, we can also arrange interviews with subject matter experts. We look forward to working with your media outlet.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jacqueline Allen
Public Information Officer
Phone: (334) 280-4440
Fax: (334) 613-3287



AIDT strives to build rapport in local communities through participation in various community events. Our team works diligently to highlight employment opportunities and increase awareness of available AIDT services. We participate in events, activities, and presentations that align with the mission of AIDT.

The Outreach Request Form may be used to request participation in community events. The form should be submitted, at minimum, three weeks prior to the event. An AIDT representative will contact you once your request is reviewed. We will make every effort to support your request based on available resources and personnel.