The Alabama Performance Excellence awards presented to seven organizations

In photo – Left to Right: Kevin Taylor, Assistant Director AIDT; David Pryor, President Athens Limestone Hospital; Stephanie Ritter, Director of Quality and Performance Excellence; Mary Collins, Chief Nursing Officer; and Senator Gerald Allen.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Alabama Performance Excellence panel of judges has designated seven organizations as recipients of the 2018 Alabama Performance Excellence Awards, honoring them for quality and performance excellence.

Five organizations were awarded the Pathway to Performance Excellence Award.  These recipients are:  Intuitive Research and Technologies of Huntsville; Talladega Health Care, Talladega; Capitol Hill Health Care, Montgomery; Westside Terrace Health Care, Dothan and Selma City Schools, Selma.  The Tier One:  Commitment to Excellence award recipient is Athens Limestone Hospital, Athens; and the Team Showcase recipient was Athens Limestone Hospital.

The awards were presented to the recipients the evening of April 11, at the Alabama Performance Excellence conference and Awards ceremony, held in Tuscaloosa at the Hotel Capstone.  The Awards were presented by Mr. Kevin Taylor, Assistant Director of the Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) organization and the honorable, State Senator Gerald Allen.

During the conference, representatives from these organizations had an opportunity to share their best practices with other Award recipients and conference attendees.

The Award serves as a progress report by showcasing the fact that the organization is making excellent strides in becoming the best at what they do.

The Alabama Performance Excellence Award is modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The ALPEx recognizes and honors organizations that use effective productivity and quality improvement strategies, techniques or practices which can be shared with other organizations to help contribute to the overall economic well-being in the state of Alabama.

Winning the Performance Excellence Award is a third-party, external recognition. It conveys to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that the organization is performing while utilizing sustainable processes —processes that help sustain a long-term success upon which these organizations are on target to achieve.

The Award is based upon performance criteria that include the following: excellence in leadership, strategic planning, attention to customers and other stakeholders, market focus, knowledge and process management, and results of organizational performance.

The Alabama Performance Excellence Program provides organizations with the framework and internal motivation.  It recognizes the efforts employees put into doing the right things the right way, for the right reason.

The ALPEx Award is administered by the Alabama Performance Excellence Program, a nonprofit organization established as a501c(3) by The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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