Alabama is Building Excellent School Attendance

“Partnership Between State Agencies Promotes Importance of School Attendance and Awareness”

Join us in celebrating Alabama School Attendance Awareness Month 2019! This exciting two-month awareness event is being held August 1 until September 30.

Attendance Matters GraphicEach year, millions of hours of valuable classroom instruction time are missed because of excessive school absences. Chronic absenteeism places students at greater academic risk, and leads some to fail, or even drop out of school altogether.

To combat this devasting trend, several top state organizations and many local communities across our state have developed innovative resources, programs, and methods to reduce school absences.

See a copy of the new Alabama School Attendance Manual at the following web link:

Several Alabama schools have developed fun activities to increase student attendance.

Nationally, suspensions and excessive absences have been shown to lower classroom proficiency. Our school attendance celebration is focused on increasing school attendance!

Interesting Facts About School Attendance

Attendance Matters GraphicDid you know that poor school attendance can start as early as kindergarten and can affect a student’s achievement through high school? Consistent school attendance is very important. It allows students to build strong foundational skills in reading, math, and language.

Barriers in transportation, health issues, poor nutrition, and mental health matters are some leading factors, which can impact a student’s attendance.

See the informative video from

There is a Difference Between Truancy and Chronic Absence

  • Truancy only counts “unexcused” absences.
    • Chronic Absence counts all absences – excused, unexcused, and suspensions.
  • Truancy only emphasizes compliance with school rules.
    • Chronic Absence emphasizes the academic impact of missed school days.
  • Truancy relies on legal administrative solutions.
    • Chronic Absence uses community-based strategies to attain positive outcomes.

Excellent attendance programs can be found throughout our state, including these innovative local initiatives:

  • Alabaster City SchoolsSchool Social Workers and Report Card Conferencing
  • Hoover City SchoolsTruancy Prevention Program
  • Madison County SchoolsCode of Conduct Strategies and School Social Workers
  • Dallas County SchoolsAttendance Manual – Fair and Equitable Procedures
  • Jackson County SchoolsAttendance and Student Mentoring Program

To learn more about the 2019 Alabama School Attendance Awareness Month celebration, contact Alabama State Department of Education Administrator Kay Warfield at 334-694-4724, or ALSDE Education Specialist Kanetra Germany at