Hanil USA announces expansion in Tallassee

(9th October, 2012)

TALLASSEE, AL- AIDT, Alabama’s resource for workforce development is seeking applicants for a pre-employment training program for full-time positions with HANIL USA, an automotive manufacturing supplier located in Tallassee.

 HANIL USA is seeking Production Associates, Production Team Leaders, Quality Engineers, and Production Supervisors.

Wages for Production Associates are $10 per hr. with a second shift premium of .25 cents per hr. Requirements include: ability to work in an manual labor environment and lift 30 lbs., one year of industrial experience preferred, computer skills needed, GED/high school diploma required.

Wages for Team Leaders include $12.15 per hr. Requirements include: supervise production issues, conduct inventory in work cell areas, one year of industrial experience preferred, good math/measuring skills, GED/high school diploma required.

Requirements for Quality Engineers include managing and facilitating development, training, implementation and continuous improvement of quality systems.

Requirements for Production Supervisors include managing the day-to-day operations of the production group.

HANIL USA offers a very competitive benefits package. If you’re interested in embarking on an exciting career with HANIL USA, please apply

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