Maritime Training Classes and Apprenticeship Programs Underway

(24th January, 2011)

AIDT Maritime Apprenticeship Program

On January 3rd, AIDT began a new apprenticeship program in the new AIDT Maritime Training Center located adjacent to Austal USA. The purpose of the apprenticeship program is to prepare the workforce for Alabama’s expanding Maritime industry in South Alabama. Classes are being conducted for the general public at no charge to those selected for the program. There is no guarantee of employment after training. AIDT Maritime is currently taking applications for the next apprenticeship program classes that will begin in April 2011. Trainees who successfully complete this program will receive a NCCER Core Curriculum Certification. For more information on this training, go to the AIDT Maritime website at

The AIDT/Austal Pre-employment Program

Since 2009, AIDT has been assisting Austal with the latest expansion of the Mobile Austal Facility. Part of this partnership takes place in the AIDT-sponsored pre-employment programs for Austal USA. In these programs, trainees are trained in various Austal-specific skills to prepare them to work at the Austal USA shipbuilding facility. Trainees come to training on their own time – they are not paid while training. However, the training is free. Day and night classes are conducted. Trainees who successfully complete this program receive an AIDT Certificate of Completion and may receive a job offer from Austal. There is no guarantee of a job upon completion of training. While AIDT will be assisting with the recently announced 1,800-employee expansion at Austal USA, applications for pre-employment training will not be accepted until February or March 2011. When this begins, ads will be placed in local media to make the public aware of these programs.These programs will also be on AIDT’s website at

Austal USA Apprenticeship Programs

Austal USA is also offering an apprenticeship program which is set to begin in April 2011. AIDT has no connection to this program. Classes will be conducted solely by Austal USA trainers during company work hours. This is a 4-year program where apprentices will be paid. Participants in this program will rotate between training sessions and working for Austal USA in various trades. Apprentices who successfully complete this program will receive Department of Labor Certification. For information about this program, please visit the Austal USA website at

Please note:
* All training programs (above) are being conducted in the AIDT Maritime Training Center located on Addsco Road in Mobile, AL.
* There is a selection process for each training program and applicant must apply online.
* Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.
* Applications for the AIDT Maritime training program and the AIDTpre-employment training program for Austal USA can be found on the AIDT website: Applicants should be very careful to select the correct training program.
* Applications for the Austal USA apprenticeship program are only available on the Austal USA website: 

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